Best Italian Restaurant

It is not very easy to distinguish the best Italian restaurant Singapore due to the very competitive market at this age. Moreover there are restaurants that serves fusion Italian food making it more complex to categorise and judge. Most of us would choose an Italian restaurant based on the convenience of its location, word of mouth and sometimes because we have a favourite dish that cannot be found elsewhere. Pasta Fresca was established since 1988 and has since gained many regulars who love the authenticity of its food. Pasta Fresca Boat Quay is conveniently located by the Singapore River in the heart of CBD.

Choosing an Italian Restaurant

Although Italian restaurants are becoming rapidly more popular, they are still not as commonplace as local eateries. It is best to do a little research before you head down. Typically, just do a search on the net for the best Italian restaurant in Singapore. From there, you can get a slew of results that you will be spoilt for choice. Do not assume that the highest on the list is always the best. Check restaurant reviews and if possible from any family or friend who has been there. However food can be subjective to individual taste. What you find salty can be just right to some others. Therefore it is best to go with general consensus.

Outdoor Catering

Outdoor event catering can be a hassle if you do not get the right caterer. Imagine fifty hungry guests waiting and your caterer is late. In a hurry, he accidently drops food on your brand new carpet. The worst of all, the food is bland and insufficient! These are the worst possible scenarios that could happen. That is why when looking for an event catering Singapore, it is important to source for the right one. Testimonials from other corporate businesses can be a source for your research. Successful events makes corporate companies happy and they would be willing to write a testimonial for the company. Browse the net and look for their client’s testimonial section.

Romancing Italy

Choose the best romantic restaurant Singapore for a special day like Valentine’s Day. The cosy Italian trattoria atmosphere of Pasta Fresca will make you feel like you are transported to Italy. The service provided is nothing short of the one you get in Italy too. If you are lucky, you may be greeted by Mr Salvatore, the founder of Pasta Fresca! Excellent food prepared by true Italian chefs will guarantee to make you reminisce of the time when you are vacationing in Rome. Choose Pasta Fresca located at Boat Quay for an even romantic experience. Just like in Venice, you can dine al fresco by the river!


The Fusilli

One of the few common pasta is probably the fusilli. Popular with adults and children, the fusilli which is shaped like a corkscrew or spiral-like are available at almost all convenient stores, supermarkets, cafes and Italian restaurant Singapore. It can be made with whole wheat flour and if mixed with other ingredients like tomato or spinach, you can create multi-coloured fusillis. The word fusilli originates from Italy and it means “spindle” in English. The fusilli traps sauces in the crevice of its unique shape making every bite bursting with flavour. Versatile, it can be used to make soups, casseroles and can be paired with just about any sauce. Pasta Fresca makes fusilli fresh and offers twenty-one types of sauce selection to go along.

Kids Party Food

By now your child would most probably have hinted or outwardly request what they want for their upcoming birthday party. For the girls, the “Frozen” theme is certainly in trend now. Mummies would be busy scouting for Queen Elsa costume and Frozen themed cakes and sweet treats. To please the taste buds of the little ones, mummies would be thinking of whipping up kids friendly food and that means hours to be spent in the kitchen. For busy mummies, this may not be an ideal situation. Pasta Fresca offers party catering Singapore for kids who love pizzas and pasta and finger food like homemade chicken fingers and potato wedges to complement. Food can be delivered in disposable containers or set-up in a buffet setting with food warmers.

Business Lunch Etiquette

Are you aware that there is more to a business lunch than just basic table manners? Believe it or not placing your napkin on the table when excusing yourself during the meal is not the right way. Place it on your chair. Table setting is important as it speaks of a person. Know where the bread plate, meat plate and water glass goes and which utensil to use for each meal course. Organising an important business event can be nerve wrecking sometimes as you would want to be assured of the quality of food and most of all service. Many restaurants provide more than just a simple business lunch or dinner, they are able to cater to event catering Singapore that enables you to cater to requirements for a bigger scale business meeting. Besides serving great Italian cuisines, Pasta Fresca provides venue that can fit in any meeting arrangement and also audio visual equipment.

Hire a party caterer

In Singapore, continental food is the most sought after in the catering business. This is because cost is low enabling catering companies to charge at lower price to consumers. However it could get monotonous to always have fried rice, noodles, lemon chicken and honeydew sago at almost every gathering event you attend. Why not go for Italian catering singapore? The flavourful taste of cold and hot antipasto and piping hot pizza and pasta will definitely impress your guests adults and kids alike. Italian catering guarantees that to make your guests full and satisfied. Pasta Fresca offers a range of choices standard menu in a few category with a wide option making it really flexible to customise and order the food that you really want.

JULY 2014

On Vacation

When on a vacation, it is in most agenda to hunt for the best food places next to sightseeing and shopping. Every country has a unique identity mainly formed by its people, culture, food and climate. Singapore is well known for its multi-racial citizens and its cultural diversity. Regardless of the strong traditional practices by different ethnic groups, Singaporeans share a common trait and that is the passion for food. A city that never sleeps, food is available almost any time everywhere, ranging from local delicacies to cuisines from around the world. You can never go hungry in Singapore. If you are craving for something Italian, Pasta Fresca is one the best Italian restaurant Singapore. Established since 1988 in the sunny island, they have been serving Singaporeans wonderfully fresh pasta for the past 26 years. If you visit Singapore be sure to head down to any Pasta Fresca outlet to try this home-grown F&B brand.

Mood for a Party?

If you are planning a party for not more than 60 people, Pasta Fresca provides a cosy venue by the Singapore River where friends and family can get together and have a great time. With many years of experience in party catering Singapore under its belt, you can be assured that Pasta Fresca provides a delicious mix of dishes and beverage to suit any occasion ranging from tea events to special sit down dinners. Pasta Fresca has a good range of exquisite red, white and sparkling wines to spice up any party. These wines are specially selected and imported from Italy.

An Eventful Day

Are you working on a tight deadline towards a corporate event? Sourcing and obtaining quotes for venue, food and beverage and audio visual equipments? Google up event catering Singapore and you get a list of vendors who will be able to assist your needs. However not every vendor can provide a one-stop event solution. To reduce hassle, Pasta Fresca provides venue, projector with screen as well as sound system in addition to a delectable array of Italian cuisines and beverages. Pasta Fresca can also deliver food and set up AV & PA equipments to a venue of your choice. Office parties and meetings can now be so much more convenient to organise. No matter the type of corporate event you are planning, Pasta Fresca will always be able to assist.

Love & Food Combo

The search for a romantic restaurant Singapore does not only happen on days leading towards Valentine’s Day. It is a whole year affair. Couples who just got together, those looking to propose to their loved ones and those celebrating their anniversaries have only one wish in common and that is a place with romantic ambience and good food. To impress a loved one, good food is essential. Pasta Fresca’s professional Italian chefs can whip up delicacies to please the taste buds. Wine pairings are also available for those who know how to appreciate a good Italian wine. Just ask any Pasta Fresca staff for recommendations and you will not be disappointed.

JUNE 2014

It's a Family Affair

Are your weekends normally spent dining out in a family restaurant Singapore? At times you may be scratching your head when deciding on venues, searching for a new place that could cater to everyone. A great family restaurant should fulfill the needs for at least three generations. We are talking about pleasing the little ones, their middle aged parents and the elderly with great food, service and ambience. These are key factors to ensure satisfaction for this group of people who expects an enjoyable time bonding with their loved ones. Pasta Fresca is a family restaurant that ensures all these needs are met. Parents need not worry because kids can enjoy their no alcohol tiramisu and kids menu which comprises of delicious pasta, pizza and gelato will please the taste buds of these little ones. While the kids dine and enjoy their colouring activity sheets, adults can choose to enjoy a chilled glass of Italian wine with a platter of gourmet Italian cheese or savour something out of the menu like the Pasta Fresca Chef’s Special.

Create the most romantic moments

Surprise your other half at a romantic restaurant Singapore. A cosy ambience coupled with cuisines originating from the land of romance and soft music is the right way to capture his or her heart. Imagine rows of quaint Italian cafes in Venice, the captivating voice of Andrea Bocelli serenading you and flavourful Italian dishes warming your stomachs. These may be close to what you can experience at Pasta Fresca. Noted to be one of the best romantic restaurant in Singapore, Pasta Fresca provides warm Italian hospitality with ‘magnifico’ food to boot. Its highly addictive velvety soft tiramisu and its range of fine Italian wines are guaranteed to set you in the mood.

Tasty Pizza

Pizza. Universally loved. When it comes to pizza, not many can resist a piping hot slice with oozy mozzarella cheese and there is no end to the variety of toppings you can add on a pizza. Pizza is generally made with tomato sauce base, but do you know that the Italians also created white pizzas? “Pizza Bianca” as what the Italians call it has no base sauce, just pure toppings of your choice with cheese. It is not that easy to find white pizza Singapore. Pasta Fresca serves white pizza in a few variety, “Mascarpone” being the most popular with mascarpone cheese dollops and parma ham on bed of fresh rucola and tomatoes. If you are travelling to Singapore, be sure to stop by to give it a try.

Italian taste in Singapore

The ever changing trend in Singapore has affected the dining decision of many. These days most people prefer exotic cuisines to the traditional local fares when dining out. Introduce a foreign cuisine with a unique name and the dish automatically increases in novelty value and hoards would come to try. Some new dishes may also be an old favourite that has been revamped with other ingredients or an added touch of innovation. The Italian cuisine known for its versatility is known to be the most ‘revamp friendly’. Pizza and pasta fused with other ingredients are quite common everywhere. With that said, these days there are not many Italian restaurant Singapore that truly serves authentic Italian cuisine. Pasta Fresca offers authentic Italian food on its menu so that the true Italian taste can be preserved in Singapore. Be sure to try its homemade spicy sausage that originates from the recipe of small family farms in Calabria, Italy or try the burrata cheese specially imported from its homeground, Puglia.

MAY 2014

The Spice Of Italy In Singapore

Italian culinary has always been one of the major influences on cuisines from all over the world. Pasta and pizza recipes have over the years, became global favourites. Many chefs and restaurants have adapted basic recipes through Italian cooking methods and also by infusing their own recipes with spices and fresh produce of Italy. Italians traditionally make their pasta fresh. Referred to as “Pasta Fresca” in Italian language, fresh pasta is always preferable to dried pasta. Italian food has a very strong influence in Singapore. Fresh pasta is gradually becoming a trend and pizza is enjoyed by all walks of life. There is no need to go to great lengths in search of the best pizza in Singapore. Countless establishments offer a good variety of pizza. Claimed by some, Pasta Fresca serves the best pizza in Singapore. Thin crusted piping hot pizza loaded with juicy ingredients and runny Italian cheese will make it worth every penny you spend.

The Love For Food- Then, Now, Forever

Gone are the days when birthday celebrations are confined at home and celebrated only among loved ones. Today, many go all out for a birthday celebration, children and adults alike. Birthday parties can be organised in many different themes and are held in big venues. However the one thing that has consistently been in demand is an array of good food. This is why event catering in Singapore has become an inseparable part of these celebrations. Even though one can find many catering companies that will serve this need, there are very few who serves quality Italian food. Pasta Fresca is known for its service and superb Italian food for dining restaurant and event catering in Singapore. With the change in taste, people are more inclined towards popular Italian favourites like pasta and pizza, and Pasta Fresca who serves authentic Italian cuisines are among the trusted few.

Find the best family restaurant

Looking for a family restaurant in Singapore to host a birthday party, wedding anniversary or any other event can be a hassle. You will need to evaluate food, venue and services and compare package prices and yet sometimes you are still doubtful of your decision. The catering team at Pasta Fresca, ensures that your needs are met and you pay for only what you need. Their catering menus are made flexible to give you a wider choice of food. With the best family deals and birthday package that they can offer, you will find yourself in good hands in this Italian family restaurant in Singapore.

Celebrate Love

Everyone needs love. It is a vital part of life. Precious moments should be captured not only in photos but etched in one’s memory. Tender moments with our loved ones happen throughout the course of our lives. Food, a basic necessity too can bring two closer together. Enjoying good food while celebrating love on Valentine’s Day has been a global tradition. If you want to be at one of the best romantic restaurant in Singapore with your partner, look at Les Bouchons, Club Street Social, Akashi and Pasta Fresca. Situated along the banks of the romantic Singapore River, you dine with authentic Italian food under the stars at Pasta Fresca. Its warm and cosy trattoria interior makes a memorable dining experience too.

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