Good Handmade Pasta in Singapore

The search for good pasta in Singapore is over. Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore offers numerous handmade pasta dishes that have been perfectly seasoned, freshly made and cooked to perfection. Whether you want a good plate of classic handmade pasta dishes like spaghetti bolognese and carbonara or something adventurous and bold like Ravioli Burrata Cheese and Truffles, our Italian restaurant in Singapore is one of the best places to satiate your pasta cravings.

Create your own Pasta!

Create Your Own Unique Pasta Combination at Pasta Fresca

Want to get creative? Why not create your own pasta with us!

Having served the Singapore crowd for more than 20 years, we always let our customers decide. We encourage them to be creative and come up with their own unique combination of flavours. Good pasta comes from the heart and our restaurant in Singapore lets you make the best plate of carbonara and ravioli – all to your liking!

As Pasta Fresca is one of the best places that serve amazingly good pasta in Singapore, we strongly believe in providing only the best ingredients. Our fresh pasta is produced in our kitchens daily using self-imported key ingredients from Italy. We reckon you can enjoy good pasta in Singapore, whether it is carbonara, juicy ravioli or any other pasta combination at Pasta Fresca.

Fresh pasta has a superior texture which absorbs sauces well, resulting in a more satisfying taste.

Homemade Fresh Pasta and Sauce Selection

We offer the widest range of good homemade fresh pasta selection, ranging from ravioli and rigatoni to linguine and fettuccine, in Singapore.

Select and create your best pasta combination from over 16 types of pasta and 21 mouth-watering sauces available at our restaurant in Singapore.

Tip: Ask for our pasta pairing guide. Stick to the rules yet be adventurous in your selection for a greater dining experience. Otherwise, feel free to chat with our staff!

Check out our pasta menu here.

Customer Reviews

Caroline T.
Excellent Italian food at affordable prices! Friendly owner Salvatore never fails to chat with his customers even though the place is busy. Attentive service staff. A must-try, especially their freshly homemade pasta!

Timothy T.
They make their own pasta from scratch which you can order to customize. Nice family casual group dining. Has great atmosphere and been in the business for quite some time.

Charis L.
The service staff were really friendly and nice ☺️ really appreciated their great service. enjoyed the seafood pasta too!

Kevin L.
Fresh Pasta. Flavours are all very finely balanced, the only way to bring out the handmade freshness. Together with its homecooked feel and homely ambience, its prices is very very reasonable.

K.L Jian Wei
Very nice ambience and pasta are really good. Had the Al Salmone price are reasonable too. The staff there are polite and good strong memories too (shocked me abit to remember our (four of us) orders and type of pasta we want.

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The Ultimate Pasta Guide

Navigating the rich and diverse world of Italian pasta can be an adventure of flavours and textures. Our Ultimate Pasta Guide is the map that leads you to the perfect pasta and sauce pairings. Take, for instance, the classic Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Originating from the heart of Rome, this dish is a harmonious blend of bacon, egg yolk and parmesan cheese. It’s a testament to the simplicity and robustness of Italian cooking.

Ravioli, those delightful pasta pouches, offer a world of flavor in each bite. Our guide helps you navigate through the various sauce pairings to perfectly match the fillings of these ravioli. For our spinach ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, a smooth sauce like Ai Quattro Formaggi would be the perfect complement, or perhaps a light olive oil-based sauce such as San Giovannese to bring out the best in our panzerotti mushrooms. The guide ensures that you find a harmonious balance for a satisfying ravioli meal

For those who adore the heartier side of pasta, our guide showcases the perfect way to enjoy all’Arrabbiata. With its origins in Lazio, this dish is for those who prefer a fiery kick to their meal. When paired with penne, the tubular shape of penne makes it ideal for holding onto the spicy tomato sauce, infused with garlic and chilli peppers.

Click here to immerse yourself in our pasta guide and start crafting your own pasta masterpiece with ravioli, linguine, penne, and more at our Italian restaurant. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best Italian gastronomical journey right here in Singapore!