I just want to commend every single waiter and waitress who were serving my table during dinner on 26 November between 7:30 to 10pm. A group of us were celebrating our friend’s birthday.

I do not remember their names, but there were one waiter and two waitresses in white shirt, and one more lady who I presume is the manager.

Customer service was excellent and very friendly. We even had a complimentary slice of cake for our birthday friend.

Keep it up!


I am not ‘big’ on writing “thank you” notes; but I truly believe that your staff at your Boat Quay restaurant deserves this and so much more!

Allow me to share what happened. I had family visiting from overseas and we had planned to meet for dinner and celebrate at Boat Quay last night. Having arrived late after work myself, we ended up at your restaurant (we love Italian food!) at 15 past 10, I myself starving.

However, although it was late, the staff were willing to take our main course orders. All in all, service was prompt and we got our food pretty fast. Now, it was also a surprise birthday for 2 gals in the group. We had to sneak the cake past the entourage at the table & that was done tactfully by your staff too!

Time for dessert and the clock showed a little after 11. I felt bad when I realized that that staff were done with their clean-up and were hanging around, just for us! I apologized to one of your staff who was lingering at the foot of our table, not ‘being stalker-ish’, but I believe he wanted to be at a ‘ear-shot’ if we needed anything. What really amazed me was his response when I said sorry…something to the effect of “Not a problem ma’am, we will wait for you…enjoy your meal”…all with a ready smile. Unfortunately, I did not get his name….but I believe that he was a Malay chap. We then asked for the cake. They quickly brought it out for us, lit the candles & turned down the lights (without being asked). They even offered to take pictures for us. Now, that’s what I call a ‘positive surprise’! We continued our chatter (it was unavoidable as we had not seen each other for a while) and when nearing midnight, asked for the bill. We paid, but we still sat for a bit, everyone having a good time. Through it all, the staff kept topping up our glasses of water without being asked! Finally, nearing midnight, we bid the staff a good night, thanking them again for their great service and apologizing for having them stay ‘overtime’. They in turn, bid us a warm farewell. Never once did they say or show any displeasure (body language or otherwise) for our over-stay at your restaurant.

Being from the service industry, it takes a lot to delight me. Yesterday, I was and I am sure that I am speaking for my family as well. And so. I would be really pleased if you could convey our thanks again to your last night’s team and do keep up the excellent service!

P.S. May I also add that their little act of kindness has now allowed me to ‘broadcast’ and recommend you to my friends…so, here’s to better business too!