Anup Kumar on Hungry Go Where

“Consistently Above Average”
We go to this restaurant more often than any other. My daughters love their pizzas and desserts and wife & I cannot have enough of their pasta, lasagna and crepes.

What stands out, apart from the excellent service standards, is the quality of food. It never wavers. It has been so consistent in being good to excellent, that it’s become adorable. No corners are cut, the ingredients always taste fresh, the cream and cheese have just the right texture. It’s like fine dining with McDonald’s standardization.

Our favourites are the gnocchi in quattro formaggi, the veg lasagna, the pizza and piadiana, the crepe in something vegetarian and sometimes the caprese. The chocolate mousse is of the valhorna chocolates with a lovely thick flavor.

This is must go to eat every month restaurant. Kudos to the management and the staff.