Yummy Food on Hungry Go Where

“Great place for delicious Italian food.”

A nice location and it’s quite cosy, plus, the food is really yummy. My favourites:

Linguini Alla Caprese – Nice chunks of mozzarella, tomatoes, and just the right amount of saltiness. The taste of the olive oil isn’t too overpowering but there’s a nice tinge.

Fusilli Alla Siciliana – My all time favourite! I’m not a fan of eggplant but I would gladly eat it all in this dish!

Lasagne Gratinate All’ Emiliana – Creamy and beefy—gooood.

I also really really like their Bruschetta Al Pomodoro Fresco.

Best bread sticks I’ve had so far. I think this is my favourite Italian restaurant so far! 🙂 (But it’s a tad pricey)

P.S. It’s also fun to see the chefs at work