Rachel X.

My friends were in shock when I told them I never tried Pasta Fresca till this year – apparently it was every family’s restaurant of choice back when we were younger. Must be that crazy jingle that kept playing on TV – I can still hum the tune from vague recollection.

So, I finally tried it and I can see why all my friends have fond memories of it. It is a little bit like Jack’s place, the Italian edition (and with better food). The interior decor makes for a nice casual date or dinner with a large group. I had the mushroom and vegetarian pizzas and both were pretty good – the base was not to thick and they were very generous with the toppings. The vegetarian is probably the winner because of the effort taken to char-grill the vegetables which gave the pizza an extra kick of flavour.

Will be back for more, have to make up for lost time!